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So Cal
An Evil Dead MC Story - Book 16

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Release date: 2023

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Sins of the Father - Book 3


Marcus, Billy, and I are in the Sturgis shop of Brothers Ink to get our official club tattoo at our one-year mark.
My brothers, Billy and Marcus, already sit in chairs with their artists.
I hear the snap of gloves going on behind me.
“Guess that leaves you to me, handsome.”
I turn and meet the eyes of a breathtakingly beautiful girl.
She smiles. “Hi. I’m Gigi, the boss’s daughter.”
My eyes flick to Jameson, the famous artist who's prepping Billy’s skin with an alcohol wipe. The artist is so famous he's called the King of Ink.
He glances up, his gaze laser sharp. “You’re Cole’s son, aren’t you? You have to be. You look just like him.”
“Who is Cole?” Gigi asks before I can answer.
“Evil Dead’s president, sweetheart. So, you better do a good job.”
She grins like the gauntlet has just been thrown down. “Oh, I’ll take real good care of him, Daddy.”