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Taking What's Ours

Release date: 9/24/2024

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Sins of the Father - Book 6

My brother’s girl… that’s all Sutton will ever be to me.

I can’t touch her.

I can’t want her.

I can’t have her.

I can’t love her.

But I do.

I'm in love with my brother's girl... and now my life is pure torment.

My brother Rafe and I are twins. Fraternal, but we look so much alike most people think we’re identical. Our father, Wolf, had a hell of a time raising us. We were a handful. Growing up, we fought over everything. That all ended the night I almost lost my brother. Since that horrible night, everything has changed.

Now I let him win.

Every single time.

Tonight, when we both meet the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, it’s harder than it’s ever been to bow out. I’ll do it though, because I’ll forever feel guilty it was him in that alley that night and not me. It was just bad luck, everyone tells me.

But tonight—this one decision—changes everything.

Now she’s his girl.

But I remember the smile she gave me when we first met, and how in that split second, if I’d done things differently, she could have been my girl.

But she’s not.

Now she’s my brother’s girl.

And I’m in love with her.

Rio's Release

Saint's Outlaws MC - Book 1

The sun rises over the rugged mountains to the east and sets over the muddy Rio Grande River to the west.

An hour from the Tex/Mex border, it was a quiet town until the rumble of our motorcycles rolled in and we took control.

Now the Saint’s Outlaws run this town and everything in it.

No one does business without the MC’s okay.

We take a cut of everything, and in exchange, we offer protection.

If you need something, you come to us.

We own the law, we own the mayor, and if you come to our town, we’ll own you, too.