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So Cal
An Evil Dead MC Story - Book 16

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Release date: 2023

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Tri Star Security - Book 3

release date 5/16/2023

I was going to be placed in a virgin auction.

That’s what the rescue team who came to “save me” told me.
I think they’ve lost their minds.

Nico, my new, rich fiance loves me. He told me so.
He would never put me in an auction. He couldn’t possibly be as vile as they claim.
I’ve finally found someone to take me away from my overbearing family and repressive life.
So, when Nico offered me a ring and a proposal of marriage, I jumped at the chance.

Why should I believe my brother’s best friend–Dusty Jones, the ex-Navy SEAL, and my first love when he says Nico is a bad guy. We haven’t seen each other since the day he walked out on me, leaving me heart-broken.

Now Dusty is back to ruin everything; him and his ex-military rescue team buddies.
He claims he’s rescuing me. I claim he’s abducting me. And now he’s keeping me in some safe house, determined to brainwash me with his nonsense until I “come to my senses.”

But being trapped alone together with the man who broke my heart?
Hell no! I’ll fight him at every turn, and I’ll never give in.
Nico will come for me.
I know he will.

That’s exactly what I’m afraid will happen.
Asia knows too much. I’m sure Nico will want to shut her up, and that means taking her out. Permanently.
Now all I have to do is keep Asia alive long enough to give us a second chance at our happily ever after.

Enforcing the Rules
Royal Bastards MC Durango, Co - Book 4

FromWall Street Journalbestselling author, Nicole James, comes a standalone, enemies-to-lovers, steamy biker romance.

I’m the Enforcer for the RBMC’s Durango Chapter, hunting down the two-bit scumbag who stole from my club.
He’s a dead man walking.

The problem is a sexy little hellcat named Kate keeps getting in my way.
She’s a bounty hunter and after the same trash as me.
Only she doesn’t want him dead.
She needs him very much alive.
She plans to take him in for the reward, but his bounty doesn’t even come close to the money he owes the club.

Now she wants to offer me a bargain so we can both get what we want.
My club comes first, but I have to admit, it’s been years since I’ve met a woman half as interesting as this one.
She’s got a body that could persuade most men to do anything she asks, but I’m no fool.
If Kate wants to make me a deal, she’ll have to be part of it.