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Tri Star Security - Book 1

Cover Reveal date: 10/11/22

Release date: 10/20/22

Ex-Navy SEAL Chris Draper is CEO and founder of the Texas based company, Tri Star Security, an ex-military rescue and protection service.

Clients turn to Tri Star when no one else can help them.

When Tri Star's office manager, Lani Cantrell goes missing, a Mexican Cartel is the prime suspect. Chris and his team will pull out all stops to find and rescue her before she's killed in retaliation for her brother's deeds.

The dangerous mission will require the team to cross international borders and use all the special ops skills and tactical training they have.

For Chris, maintaining a calm, detached, professional demeanor is everything, but Lani is more than an employee, she's the love of his life, and this job is personal.

He'll tear apart the cartel and burn the city to the ground to save his woman.

So Cal
An Evil Dead MC Story - Book 16

Cover reveal coming soon

Release date: 11/29/22

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