Royal Bastards MC

Club Princess
Royal Bastards MC Durango, Co - Book 1

I hate keeping secrets from my father, but I know he’ll be furious if he finds out where I’m going. That’s a risk I’m willing to take because I know what I’m doing is right.
I expected my father to send someone to find me. He always does.
But this guy?
I’ve never lain eyes on him before; trust me, I’d remember this man.
He’s damn fine; unfortunately he won’t let me seduce him into keeping my secret.

Trouble in a tank top, that’s what this beauty is.
She thinks she can sweet-talk me into getting involved in her deception.
I may want to get wrapped up in her arms, but getting wrapped up in her scheme is a whole other ball game.
Guess again, sweet cheeks.
I don’t care how fine your strut is; it won’t work on me.
I’m immune where the hot-as-hell Club Princess is involved.
My loyalty belongs to my club first, but I’m a nomad for a reason, and letting Lola get her hooks in me is not in my plan.

Climbing the Ranks
Royal Bastards MC Durango, Co - Book 2

"I'm in the middle of a gun deal when a sexy siren whispers secrets of betrayal in my ear. She wants to make me a deal. Do I dare accept?" -Trez

"No knight in shining armor is coming to rescue me. If I want to get out of this awful place, I'll have to save myself. He was supposed to be my escape, but now he has my heart under lock and key." -Isabella

I've climbed my way back from the bottom rungs of the hell I once lived. I've treated the symptoms, my drug addiction, but have yet to forgive myself for the cause. I've buried it six feet under, but I know it's there haunting me. I killed my mom, even if it was an accident.
Now it's time to prove myself to my father and my club, the Royal Bastards MC. He put me in charge of a deal with the Hell's Bandits MC. Now I must prove I can handle the responsibility. I must convince them I can do it. But can I convince myself that I deserve it?
That won't matter, if I can't even manage the deal. A sexy little vixen whispers secrets of betrayal and suddenly the problems keep piling up. She'll give me the information I need in exchange for her escape. She has me questioning everything and wondering if I'll be willing to free her from my grasp when the time comes. Is she the thing I so desperately need to finally be rid of my demons?

Keeping the Throne
Royal Bastards MC Durango, Co - Book 3

I'm the president of the RBMC's Durango Chapter.
My brothers call me Rock.
I've spent my life devoted to this MC.
I've built this chapter from the ground up and I'm not about to watch everything I worked so hard to build go down in flames, but keeping this throne may cost me everything I hold dear.

I lost the love of my life years ago, and since then no woman has come close to filling the emptiness that hole has left in my heart. I've pretty much given up on there ever being a second chance at a love like that again for me. I've accepted that it just isn't in the cards.

Until I meet one very right woman in one very wrong place at one very wrong time.
I never saw this coming. Not in a million years.

Enforcing the Rules
Royal Bastards MC Durango, Co - Book 4

FromWall Street Journalbestselling author, Nicole James, comes a standalone, enemies-to-lovers, steamy biker romance.

I’m the Enforcer for the RBMC’s Durango Chapter, hunting down the two-bit scumbag who stole from my club.
He’s a dead man walking.

The problem is a sexy little hellcat named Kate keeps getting in my way.
She’s a bounty hunter and after the same trash as me.
Only she doesn’t want him dead.
She needs him very much alive.
She plans to take him in for the reward, but his bounty doesn’t even come close to the money he owes the club.

Now she wants to offer me a bargain so we can both get what we want.
My club comes first, but I have to admit, it’s been years since I’ve met a woman half as interesting as this one.
She’s got a body that could persuade most men to do anything she asks, but I’m no fool.
If Kate wants to make me a deal, she’ll have to be part of it.