Tri Star Security - Book 1

Clients turn to Tri Star when no one else can help them.

Ex-Navy SEAL Chris Draper is CEO and founder of the Texas based company, Tri Star Security, an ex-military rescue and protection service.

Clients turn to Tri Star when no one else can help them.

When Tri Star's office manager, Lani Cantrell goes missing, a Mexican Cartel is the prime suspect. Chris and his team will pull out all stops to find and rescue her before she's killed in retaliation for her brother's deeds.

The dangerous mission will require the team to cross international borders and use all the special ops skills and tactical training they have.

For Chris, maintaining a calm, detached, professional demeanor is everything, but Lani is more than an employee, she's the love of his life, and this job is personal.

He'll tear apart the cartel and burn the city to the ground to save his woman.

Tri Star Security - Book 2

release date 3/9/2023

The Heiress to a Texas oil fortune and the bodyguard assigned to protect her--
Tinsley Wyatt is the only child of one of the Lone Star State's wealthiest billionaires.
When her father's business dealings put a target on her back, he hires Tri Star Securities' best operative, Grady Steele.
She's a drop-dead-gorgeous, stuck-up socialite, and he's an ex-military, good ol' boy with a southern accent, killer abs and soulful eyes. She's temptation personified, intent on seducing him, but he's just as determined to keep things professional.
They've both met their match.
When blackmail and intimidation turn deadly, she'll need him more than ever, and he'll cross any line to save her.

Tri Star Security - Book 3

release date 5/16/2023

I was going to be placed in a virgin auction.

That’s what the rescue team who came to “save me” told me.
I think they’ve lost their minds.

Nico, my new, rich fiance loves me. He told me so.
He would never put me in an auction. He couldn’t possibly be as vile as they claim.
I’ve finally found someone to take me away from my overbearing family and repressive life.
So, when Nico offered me a ring and a proposal of marriage, I jumped at the chance.

Why should I believe my brother’s best friend–Dusty Jones, the ex-Navy SEAL, and my first love when he says Nico is a bad guy. We haven’t seen each other since the day he walked out on me, leaving me heart-broken.

Now Dusty is back to ruin everything; him and his ex-military rescue team buddies.
He claims he’s rescuing me. I claim he’s abducting me. And now he’s keeping me in some safe house, determined to brainwash me with his nonsense until I “come to my senses.”

But being trapped alone together with the man who broke my heart?
Hell no! I’ll fight him at every turn, and I’ll never give in.
Nico will come for me.
I know he will.

That’s exactly what I’m afraid will happen.
Asia knows too much. I’m sure Nico will want to shut her up, and that means taking her out. Permanently.
Now all I have to do is keep Asia alive long enough to give us a second chance at our happily ever after.